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Aerial Work Platform Control Module Security Lock

North Aurora, IL

September 2009

Hugh Goulding, President of E TIP, Inc. announces the introduction of the new model ET-250 Security Lock to help prevent unauthorized removal or theft of the Skyjack™ Scissors Lift Control Module from Aerial Work Platform equipment.

Contractors on job sites around the world employ many scissors-type Aerial Lift Platforms that help to speed construction jobs. When a Scissors Lift fails to operate properly the problem may be traced to the Control Module. Those who want to continue the job with their own Aerial Lift equipment may resort to removing ("borrowing") the Control Module from a neighboring Aerial Lift. Normally, the local distributor must be contacted to schedule a service call for the repair or replacement which will introduce a project delay.

In at least one case an owner was surprised to find his missing Skyjack™ Scissors Lift Control Module being offered for sale on eBay, identified and confirmed by his decal in the photo. The thieves did not even bother to remove his identification.

The ET-250 Security Lock is simple to operate. The clevis pin that secures the Control Module housing to the railing is removed. The new ET-250 Security Lock bracket fits over the housing using a grade eight bolt to replace the clevis pin. The Lock Pod is fitted to the bracket and the key is removed, locking the Lift Control Module to the railing. The Lock Pod is fitted to the bracket and the key is removed, locking the Lift Control Module to the railing. The keyway is faced down to protect it from contaminating spills and from the weather.

The use of the Model ET-250 Security Lock helps to prevent the theft of the module or the unauthorized replacement of a functioning Control Module with a defective one. This protection can help to avoid equipment downtime and production delays caused by the control modules removal. Potential thieves will leave your equipment alone in favor of an easier target!

The ET-250 Security Lock is available immediately. Dealer inquires welcome.


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