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Avoid Diesel Fuel Gelling: Introducing the Universal Filter Preheater

North Aurora, IL
October 2005

A new product to help prevent diesel fuel gelling in cold weather is announced by Hugh Goulding, President of E TIP, Inc. Cold temperatures often slow or stop diesel fuel flow during start-up and in daily operations. When it is cold enough to cause gelling in the fuel, equipment and vehicles can become disabled. This includes over-the-road trucks, heavy machinery, automobiles, generators and other equipment that must operate in low temperatures.

The diesel fuel gelling plugs the filter preventing passage of the fuel. The only solution is to warm up the fuel until it can flow again. This solution sometimes requires towing the equipment to a protected location indoors or bringing a heater to the equipment site. Diesel fuel gelling can become a major expense affecting your operations due to downtime and repairs.

The Universal Filter Preheater offers a simple solution. The Universal Filter Preheater is a thin, flexible, silicone/fiberglass heating pad, that easily wraps around the diesel fuel filter housing to maintain full contact and to evenly transmit heat to the filter housing helping to avoid the risk of diesel fuel gelling. The Universal Filter Preheater is an electric blanket for the fuel filter housing that helps to keep the fuel flowing and reducing unnecessary downtime.

When it is time to change the filter element, the Universal Filter Preheater is easily released for transfer to the new filter housing. Diesel fuel gelling and related problems are avoided by implementing the Universal Filter Preheater.

The Universal Filter Preheater is available in 12vdc, 24vdc, 120vac, 240vac and a dual grid model combining the option of powering with direct current or alternating current in the same Preheater. A thermostat is standard on 120v and 240v Fuel Filter Preheaters.

The Universal Filter Preheater can also be used to preheat the lubricating oil filter housing and the external hydraulic oil filter housing. The added heat to the external filter housing helps avoid filter bypass in the warm-up stage and contributes to a faster equipment warm-up and quicker full flow filtering. The Universal Filter Preheater carries a three year materials and workmanship warranty. The Universal Filter Preheater is priced at US$138 each.

The cold weather products offered by the Universal Heater Co., Inc. help improve starting and operations and bottom line business performance.

Include both the Universal Preheater for engines, hydraulic systems, transmissions, gear boxes, etc. and the Universal Filter Preheater in your cold weather package and be assured that you have selected a more effective and complete solution to cold weather problems.


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